bullet Tom PRANGNELL (11) was born on 1 Dec 1848. He died on 26 Feb 1925. He was a Soldier (late 1860's to 1900) ; Coal agent.. Joined 60th Regiment of Foot (KRR's) in late 1860's. Transferred to
Worcestershire Regiment in early 1880's. In 1880 fought in 2nd Afghan
War, was a Corporal. By 1887 he was a Colour Sgt in the Worc. Reg.
Retired from the army in 1900, becasme a coal agent. Parents: Thomas PRANGNELL and Ann LONG.

He was married to Edith SPREADBURY in 1887. Children were: Margaret PRANGNELL, Frederick Thomas PRANGNELL .


bullet Trevor PRANGNELL(11) was born on 6 Feb 1946. Parents: Reginald Charles Henry PRANGNELL and Winifred May HENWOOD.

He was married to Joy Elizabeth FREEMAN on 10 Jan 1970. Children were: Wayne Leigh PRANGNELL, Nerissa Gaye PRANGNELL, Tamara May PRANGNELL.


bullet Unknown Prangnell(9) (8) Parents: Denis William Prangnell and Sybil Unknown.


bullet Unknown Prangnell(69) Parents: Robert Prangnell.


bullet Valerie Prangnell(32) (33) 1 Parents: Douglas Prangnell and Olive Widenson.


bullet Vera Prangnell(2) was born on 29 Nov 1912. (29) She ADDR Flat 19, Sandacres, 3 Banks Road, Sandbanks, Poole, Dorset in 1996.(14) She died on 29 Nov 2001. She PHONE 01202 700105. Parents: Mr. Ernest Edward Prangnell and Maud Annie Marsh .

She was married to Clem Gibson on 17 Feb 1937. (29) Children were: Michael Gibson, Keith Gibson.


bullet Walter PRANGNELL(11) was born on 18 Jul 1867. He died in 1894. Parents: Charles PRANGNELL and Martha MOODY.


bullet Wayne Prangnell(41) (2) was born on 24 Jan 1974. 1 Parents: Alan Ronald Prangnell and Christine Elverson.


bullet Wayne Leigh PRANGNELL(11) was born on 31 Oct 1971. Parents: Trevor PRANGNELL and Joy Elizabeth FREEMAN.

He was married to Leisa Maree Dekkers. Children were: Aidan Bailey PRANGNELL .


bullet Wendy Prangnell(74) (8) was born on 16 Dec 1964. Parents: Rowland Reginald Prangnell and Dorothy Harling.


bullet Wilfred Claud PRANGNELL(6) Parents: Benjamin Marcus PRANGNELL and Louisa DELL.


bullet William Prangnell(14) (2) was born in 1885. Lived at Weymouth No Children Parents: Charles Prangnell and Elizabeth Ellis.


bullet William Prangnell(17) was baptised on 22 Dec 1750 in Shorwell Parish, Isle of Wight.(351) (352) (353) He was born about 22 Dec 1750 in Shorwell Parish, Isle of Wight. He was born about 22 Dec 1750. He was buried on 17 Jul 1755 in Shorwell Parish, Isle of Wight.(354) (355) He died about 17 Jul 1755 in Shorwell Parish, Isle of Wight. (356) Parents: James Jackman and Jane Pragnell.


bullet William Prangnell(17) was born on 16 May 1657 in Carisbrooke Parish, Isle of Wight.(357) He was baptised after 16 May 1657 in Carisbrooke Parish, Isle of Wight. He signed a will on 4 Mar 1716 in See notes for copy. He was buried on 17 Apr 1716 in Godshill Parish, Isle of Wight.(358) (359) He died about 17 Apr 1716. (22)

The only information thus far discovered about William is in his Last Will and Testament:

"In the name of God AMEN the ffouth day of March in the year of our Lord God 1716 I William Pran(g)nell of The parrish of Godshill in the Isle of Wight and County of Southton yeoman being in good helth (sic) but weak in body and in perfect Mind and memory thanks be given unto God therefore calling to mind the mortallity of my Body and knoing that it is Appointed for all Men once to dye doo make an ordaine this My last will and Testament That is to say principally and first of all I give and recommend my Soul into the hands of God that gave it and for my Body I commend it to the Earth to be Buried in a Christian Like and decent manner at the Discretion of my Executrix nothng doubting but at the generall Resurrection I shall know the Same again by the mighty power of allmighty God and as for ?outhing such worldley Estate wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me withall in this Life I give devise and dispose of the same in the following manner and form- - - -

" I give and bequeath unto my Daughter in Law Mary Prangnell the late wife of Richard Prangnell my onlly Son her Widdows Estate in the Bargan call.d by the name of Prangnells and Lore (lower) Dolops and the Bargan cal.d the Name of Warders Laying in the Parrish of Godshill in the Isle of wight and County of Southton for her to hold the same two Bargans as Long as she doth keep her self a Widdow. Im: I give and bequeath unto my Grandson, Richard Prangnell, the son of Richard Prangnell the Land Cal:d by the Name of Prangnels and Lore (lower) Dolops after my daughter in law Mary Prangnell for he the said Richard Prangnell to injoy the said Land ffor Ever and his Ayers after him for ever. Im: I give and bequeath unto my Grandaughter Mary Prangnell the Daughter of Richard Prangnell my only son tis (the?) Land cal:d by the Name of Warders after my daughter in Law Mary Prangnell for her the said Mary Prangnell to injoy this said Land for ever and her Ayer(s) after her Im: I give and bequeath unto My Daughter in Law Afore said her Widdowes Estate in the Bargan cal.d by Merton in the Parrish of Arreton In the Isle of Wight and County of Southton for her to hold that as long as she keeps her self a Widdow and after that for my Grandson William Prangnell the son of Richard Prangnell my only son for he to injoy Land of it and (above is written and crossed out "as long as") for Ann Prangnell the wife of William Prangnell to hold and injoy the same said (above but crossed out is "as long as he lives") Bargan as long as she doth keep herself a widdow and after for the said Charles Prangnell the son of William Prangnell to injoy the same Land he and his Ayers ffor Ever but for my Grandson William Prangnell to injoy the same Bargan as long as he lives- I.m I give and bequeath to my Daughter in Law Mary Prangnell aforesaid all my stock and goods for to be at her Disposing after my Disceese and for her My Daughter in Law for to pay all my funarill charges and for her to keep all the deeds of this Lands as Long as she doth keep herself a Widow
Sign:d Seal:d publish:d pronounc:d and declar:d by the S:d William Prangnell as his Last will and Testament in the presence of us
George (R) Ridder his mark
John (X) Godell
John Newham
William Prangnell
his mark

9 May 1716
Supranoinat Maria Prangnell
sigatar principal in????? ?????
noinat (nominat) Jur fuit Adstratix C??? osto
anno ?? Coram me-
(the Latin as written is not readable.) However, it
means something like, "The above named Mary
Prangnell, chief signer, (????) was named and sworn administrator
(date? ? ? ?) before me."
R. Brid(waike?) "

Notes on the Will:

"lore dolops" is found in the Will of Richard Prangnell as "lower dolcops" and in the WOOTTON reference, 6 Feb. 1793 (see notes on Richard Prangnell) as "Legges Dolcoppice."

A "coppice" according to Webster's Dictionary means either "a thicket, grove, or growth of small trees or a forest originating mainly from sprouts or root suckers rather than seed. We think "Legges" in the WOOTTON document is the result of a misreading by whomever typed the index card. All these references are to the same piece of property which, together with "Prangnells," appear to constitute one piece of property or two which are contiguous.
* * * *

Children were: Richard Prangnell.


bulletWilliam Prangnell(17) was baptised on 30 Jul 1691 in Godshill Parish, Isle of Wight.(360) (361) (362) He was born about 30 Jul 1691 in Godshill Parish, Isle of Wight. He signed a will on 17 Feb 1741 in Arreton Parish, Isle of Wight. (363) He was buried on 24 Feb 1741 in Godshill Parish, Isle of Wight. (364)(365) He died about 24 Feb 1741 in Arreton Parish, Isle of Wight. (80)

The Will of William Prangnell of Arreton [Source: Winchester R.O. Wills Index 1741A108] reads:

"In the name of God. Amen. I William Prangnell of Arreton in the Isle of Wight and County of Southhampton Yeoman being of perfect mind and memory do make my last Will and Testament in Manner and Form following. First, give unto my Son, William Prangnell, one Shilling. Secondly, I give unto my Son Richard Prangnell five pounds towards his clothing and keeping occ. . . at the Descrection of my Executor hereinafter named. Thirdly, I give unto my three eldest Daughters (viz. Ann, Elizabeth, and Mary Prangnell) the Sum of five pounds each to be paid by my Executor hereinafter named Within in a Year after my death. Also, my Will is that after my Decese all my Goods Moneys Stock and Effects whatsoever may remain in the Hands and possession of my Executor hereinafter named Out of which effects my Youngest Daughter Jane Prangnell may be brought up Bread and maintained untill She Shall Arived at the Age of Sixteen Years at the Discretion of my Executor. And also the capital goods moneys and effects whatsoever that shall remain in the Hands of my Executor or any other person or persons whatsoever after my said Daughter Jane shall be Bread and brought up in Manner and to the Age above said and after paiment of my Debts Legacies and Funeral Expenses I give and bequeath unto my Son Richard Prangnell and my four daughters viz. Ann Elizabeth Mary and Jane Prangnell to be Equally divided between them and lastly I give unto my Son Charles Prangnell half a Crown whome I make and appoint Executor of this my last Will and Testament. In Witness whereof I have here unto Set with my Hand and Seal this Seventeenth Day of February and in the Year of our Lord 1741/2.
Signed Sealed published and Declared by the above named William Prangnell for and as his Last Will and Testament in the presence of Us.
s/ Thos Hunford s/William Prangnell
s/ James Hills
The three day of March 1741
The Executor above named was sworn before me.
s/ John Woodford Surrogate

Parents: Richard Prangnell and Mary.

He was married to Ann Farthing on 30 May 1710 in Northwood Parish, Isle of Wight.(366) (82) (367)(368) There are five references for the marriage of William Prangnell and Anne Farthing. The definitive reference is from the Microfilm of the Register of Northwood Parish- 30 May 1710 in Northwood. Children were: William Prangnell, John Prangnell, Charles Prangnell, William Prangnell, John Pragnel, Anne Pragnel, Elizabeth Pragnel, Mary Prangnell, Richard Pragnel, Jane Pragnell.


bullet William Prangnell(17) died BET. 21 MAR 1710 - 1711 in Arreton Parish, Isle of Wight. He was buried BET. 21 MAR 1710 - 1711 in Arreton Parish, Isle of Wight.(369) (370) He was born BET. 4 FEB 1710 - 1711 in Arreton Parish, Isle of Wight. He was baptised BET. 4 FEB 1710 - 1711 in Arreton Parish, Isle of Wight.(371) (372) Parents: William Prangnell and Ann Farthing.


bullet William Prangnell(17) was born on 30 Jan 1716 in Arreton Parish, Isle of Wight.(80) He was baptised on 4 Feb 1716 in Arreton Parish, Isle of Wight. (373)(19) (374) He was a in 1754 in Farmer in Arreton. (375) He was buried on 23 Sep 1781 in Brading, Isle of Wight. (134)(19) (20) He died about 23 Sep 1781 in St Helens or Brading Parish, Isle of Wight.(20) He Admonishment on 20 Sep 1782 in Newport, Carisbrooke Parish, Isle of Wight.(376) He was a BET. 1737 - 1738 in Labourer, Arreton Parish, Isle of Wight.(377) He was a BET. 1766 - SEP 1781 in Carpenter, St. Helen's Parish. (378) In the Churchwardens Account book of Arreton is the following entry: "The Acct. of Mr. James Wills Churchwarden for the South Division of the Parish of Arreton for the years 1737 and 1738 . . . . .Wm Pregnall for Work 1 pound, 19 shillings, 9 pence. .. . . . ." [ Source: 4.1.1. Parish Records - Arrreton to E. Cowes; ARR/APR 1724 - Churchwardens Records; 2 B/11 Account Books.]
* * * *
In 1743 William is at the court of Barton Manor in Whippingham Parish.

We came across this thanks to an entry made by Shirley Prangnell Creighton from the Isle of Wight Records Office. The reference was, "1753 June 22. SEE W.C.M. Prangnell William Snr. & Jnr." Not knowing the meaning of W.C.M., and Shirley being ill at the time, we wrote and asked David Ward Prangnell of Newport. He wrote on 2 March 2000, "I can help you too with your query about W.C.M. These initials stand for Winchester College Muniments. These are records of the properties (and associated administration) owned by Winchester College over several centuries. There are index volumes in the Newport Record Office and the index entry which interests you reads as follows.
"3929 1753 [1753 is clearly a typographical mistake. The actual document reads clearly 1743 June 22.] Admission of William Prangnell to hold to his son William at 1s 8 d. Parchment."
His letter continued, "The meaning of this is not wholly clear to me. My best guess is that William senior was a tenant in a Winchester college owned property in Barton IW and that he is seeking to protect son William's interests by registering him as a subtenant - maybe? By association of dates I assume Wiliam senior is the son of William married to Ann Farthing and that he too had a son called William? Only the original document would elucidate further."
In Winchester, the College produced the document on parchment for us. [Source Winchester College Muniments Vol II, p. 172, ref 7 1743.] which reads:

{lst side}
Barton in the A court of the manor there held the twenty second day of June in The seventeenth Isle of Wight Year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George the Second King of Great Britain and in the Year of our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred Forty Three. To this Court came William Prangnell and took of the Lord the Revertion or Remainder of half an
acre of Land called Roathes Coate enclosed between the Land of the Prior of Christ Church called Blackdown on the North part and certain Lands called Haile on the South and East part and the Kings highway heading from Newport towards Niton on the West part and one acre of Land at Appleford now in the tenure of Richard Prangnell To have and to hold to William Prangnell age one year and a half son of him the said William for the Term of his Life. Immediately after the death surrender or forfeture of the said Richard Prangnell and William Prangnell the Elder or by any other llawful way or means it shall next come into the hands of the Lord at the Will of the Lord according to the Custom of the said Mannor by the Yearly Rent of one Shilling and Eight pence- and by all other works burthens and services therefore due and of right accustomed and for such Estate so granted this said William Prangnell the Elder gave to the Lord for a fine as it appears in the Rolls and it was granted in manner aforesaid.

No. 23 s/ John Coxed Warden
3929 s/ James Serle dep. Steward

{2nd side of parchment}

Admission Prangnell
1743 Barton Plus tax stamp

2shillings 3 pence
* * * *
The Vestry of Arreton Parish took the following action for those poor in need of relief.
[Source: Newport Record Office: 1B/2 1739-57, Account Book of Overseers of the poor (incl. details of rates, & vestry meetings 1741-1758) {ARR/APR/6}]
"A Rate and Assesment on the several persons have under written Inhabitants of the Parish of Arreton mad and asesed the 7th of April for and towards the Relief of the Poor of said Parish at One Shilling in the pound for the year 1740.
Mrs. Martha Cromwell for the North - Overseer
Far(mer) Wm Whittinton for the South - Overseer"

"South Division - 1740" pounds.shillings.pence (pp.20 & 22)
"Bakers 0. 9. 0
Prangnells 0. 9. 0
Baker 0. 0. 6
Prangnells 0. 2. 0
1745 - Rate 18 pence in the pound.
Bakers 0. 3. 0
Prangnells 0. 12. 0
Feb the 11th 1749/50
Henry Chesel 0. 8. 0
Sevil's Two children 0. 12. 0
Hanah Woodnot 0. 4. 0
Apr 8th 1750
Mary Bagsters Bastard 0. 6. 0
Jan 14, 1749/50
Wido Whittington & 2 children 0.15.0 (see overseers!)
May 13, 1750
Sevill's two children 0. 15. 0
July 8, 1750
Bastard of Mary Baxter 0. 6. 0 (Note Bagster & Baxter is the same person.)
1756 - June 27
Prangnels child 0. 6. 0
1757, Apr 8th
Pd. Wm Baker a bill 0. 7. 0
1756, Aug 29
Bagsters Bastard 0. 4. 0
Prangnells child 0. 4. 0
Dec 27, 1756
Prangnell's child 0. 6. 0
Extraordinary Expences - 1756, May 8
Pd. Rich Barton 2 years houserent for the poor house due Michelmas last. 0. 15. 0
1757 - June 26
Prangnells child 0. 8. 0

Poor Rates Assessed (p 118)
Prangnells 0. 12. 0

The above data indicates that a Prangnell child was receiving help while at the same time Prangnells were assessed. The child could be any or all of William's or Richard's children. The rate assessment would have been paid by Charles Prangnell.

* * * *
There is an anomaly in the following record. [ Churchwarden's rate book 1 Vol, St. H/APR/2 1783-1793 {St H/PR153}] The anomaly is that we have record of William moving his family to St. Helen's Parish, but the child receiving poor relief in St. Helen's is Richd Prangnell's child!

March 28, 1757 (opp. p. 177)
Richd Prangnells child 0. 6. 0
Nov 20, 1756 (opp. p. 184)
Prangnells child 0. 7. 6

* * * *
The following entries from 29 Juen (sic) 1753 and 1754 indicate that William is a common laborer or farmer in Arreton:
"Dispersed of in manner following by Barthm Jacobs
To Jno Jackman 1 pound.
To Wm Prangnell 6 pence.
1754 Disbursements
"pd Farmer William Prangnell for Carting 12 shillings."
[Source for above: Parish Records, Arreton to E. Cowes ARR/APR 2 B11 -1724-- Churchwardens 1769 Account Books]
* * * *
A small book, "The Place Names of the Isle of Wight" by A.D. Mills (Stamford: Paul Watkins, 1996) describes "Hale Manor Farm, Hale Common:"
Hale Manor Farm, Hale Common (1 1/2 miles south-east of Arreton). Atehalle 1086 (Domesday Book), la Hale c. 1200, Hale 1255, la Haule 167, Hale (Farm) 1769. `(Place at) the nook or corner of land', from Old English h(e)alh (dative case h(e)ale). In the Domesday Book spelling, Ate- represents `at the'. The manor house here is Jacobean. In the 13th century the manor was divided into Northale (now Hale Manor Farm) and Southale, this latter being further subdivided in the 14th century into Waightshale (so-called from its possession by the Wayte family in the 15th and 16th centuries) and Lambslease."
* * * *
William Chestle Prangnell was buried in Brading 1 June 1766 It is noted that he was "S. of Jane the wife of Wm. Prangnel of Little Appley, St. Helens by a former husband" (of Jenney or Jane Chessel Prangnell.)
* * * *
Little Appley today is, "situated to the East of Ryde, on a hillside overlooking the Solent, with commanding views across to Portsmouth. . . . .Although a farm cottage known as "Little Appley' existed somewhere on the present site at least as far back as 1760 (and was shown on John Andrews' 1769 map of the Island), the present house was constructed between 1853 and 1856." [Source: "Little Appley, the Changing role of an Island home," by DJ Escott from an unknown publication, a page of which was given me by Shirley Prangnell Creighton in November 2001.]
* * * *
From the court record at Barton Manor. (Source: Winchester College Muniments (reference: court book 1775-1782 {ref 23062}) is the following:
"At a court held 8 Aug 1778 William Prangnall was admitted to an acre of land called Roathes Coate situated between lands of the Prior of Christchurch called Blackdown on the north side, certain lands called Haile on the south and east side, and the King's hiway leading from Newport to Niton on the west side. Also admitted to 1 acre of land at Appleford late in the tenure of Richard Prangnall which William Prangnall claims by vertue of a copy court roll dated 25 Jul 1716. William Prangnall to hold the lands for his life and that of his son Henry Prangnall aged about 18 years. Rent of 1s 8d per annum and an admission of 1 pound 10s."
* * * *
From the Winchester Record Office wills file is the following (Ref. 1782 AD 66):

"Septr 20 1782

On which Day Administration of all and Singular Goods and Chattles Rights and Credits of William Prangnell late of the Parish of Saint Helens in the Isle of Wight in the County of Southampton Carpenter and Diocese of Winchester deceased intestate was granted and committed to Jane Prangnell of the Parish St. Helen's aforesaid the lawful Widow of the said William Prangnell deceased and the said Jane Prangnell was duly sworn well and truly to administer accordingly and that his Effects do not amount to one Hundred Pounds.
Jane Prangnell
Sworn at Newport in the Isle of Wight aforesaid X
the Day and Year first above written before me. her Mark
s/John Edwards Surrogate"
* * * *
The court at Barton Manor made this entry:l "At a court held 30 Jul 1788 the death of William Prangnall, tenant." [Source: Winchester College letter to us dated 9th Nov 2000.]
Parents: William Prangnell and Ann Farthing.

He was married to Abigel aka Abigail between 1734 and 1745 in Arreton. He was married to Abigel aka Abigail about 1744 in Arreton Parish, Isle of Wight. Children were: William Pragnell, Abigel Pragnell, Ann Pragnell.

He was married to Jane aka Jenny Chessel on 29 Feb 1756 in Arreton Parish, Isle of Wight. (379)(380) He was married to Jane aka Jenny Chessel on 29 Feb 1756 in Arreton Parish, Isle of Wight; he a widower.. (20) He was a "widower" is on the Card Index. Therefore, Abigel aka Abigail has died. Children were: Jane Pragnell , Henry Pragnell.


bullet William Prangnell(7) (8) was born on 29 Jan 1804 in Romsey. (381) He was baptised on 15 Apr 1804 in Romsey Hants. (44) He died 26 Jan1886.(16) He was a Frecn and English Biscuit Baker in Belgravia, London. (44) 1 Parents: Moses Prangnell and Isabella Fryer or Friar or Fryar.

He was married to Anne Waters 25 Oct1832 in Old Church, St Pancreas, London. (382) Children were: William John Prangnell , Isabella Anne Prangnell, Henry James Prangnell, Anne Elizabeth Prangnell , Alfred James Prangnell.


bullet William Prangnell(7) (8) was born in 1735 or 1740 in Romsey Hampshire. He was christened on 13 Jul 1740 in Romsey Hampshire.(383) (74) He was baptised on 13 Jul 1740 in Romsey, Hampshire.(384) He died in 1806 or 1800. 1 Parents: Thomas Prangnell and Mary Light.

He was married to Elizabeth Thompson on 20 Oct 1771 in Romsey, Hampshire.(385) Children were: William Prangnell, Elizabeth Prangnell, Mary Prangnell, Moses Prangnell, James Prangnell, Moses Prangnell.


bullet William Prangnell(7) (8) was born in 1772. He was christened on 26 Dec 1772 in Romsey. (386) He died in 1821. 1 Parents: William Prangnell and Elizabeth Thompson.


bullet William Prangnell(8) Parents: William Charles Prangnell.


bullet William Prangnell(259) (76) was christened on 21 Sep 1826 in Newport Weslyan. Parents: Matthew Prangnell and Mary Unknown.


bullet William Prangnell(76) Parents: Edward Sibbick Prangnell and Charlotte Small.


bullet William PRANGNELL (d.s.p)(1) was christened on 11 May 1788 in St Mary's, Chilbolton, Hampshire. He was buried on 7 Jan 1804 in St Mary's, Chilbolton, Hampshire. Parents: Stephen PRANGNELL and Mary CARTER.


bullet William Prangnell(110) (69) was born in 1816 in Pancreas, Middlesex. He died in 1900 in Lambeth, Surrey. He was a Tin Plate Worker (Employing four sons and labourers. Parents: Robert Prangnell and Hanna Unknown.

He was married to Martha Collins on 9 Apr 1839 in St. Marys Newington, Surrey. Children were: Alfred Prangnell, William Prangnell, Edward Prangnell, James Prangnell, Robert Prangnell, Arthur Prangnell, Amelia Prangnell.


bullet William Prangnell(110) (69) was born in 1843 in Lambeth, Surrey. He died in 1881. Parents: William Prangnell and Martha Collins.


bullet William Prangnell(69) was born in 1869 in Lambeth, Surrey. He died in 1869 in Lambeth, Surrey. Parents: Alfred Prangnell and Mary Ann Finch.


bullet William Charles Prangnell(387) (74)(8) Parents: Rowland Rufus Piper Prangnell and Maggie Furness .

Children were: Margaret Prangnell, William Prangnell.


bulletWilliam John Prangnell(7) (8) was born on 4 Mar 1834. He died in 1914. Parents: William Prangnell and Anne Waters.

He was married to Georgina Jane Christie 16 Sep1857 in St James, Paddington, London.(388) Children were: Ada Elizabeth Prangnell, Frederick William Prangnell , Arthur James Prangnell, Emily Elizabeth Prangnell, Newport Prangnell, George Waters Prangnell, Herbert Prangnell, Ernest Prangnell, Christie Prangnell, Norman William Prangnell, Leonard Waters Prangnell, Harold Christie Prangnell.

He was married to Elizabeth Nichols.


bullet William Newberry Prangnell(9) (8) was born on 2 Sep 1892 in 21, East Dulwich Grove, Camberwell. He died in 1936 in Battle Sussex. Parents: Newport Prangnell and Charlotte.

He was married to Winifred Emily Hoare. Children were: Joy Prangnell , Denis William Prangnell.


bullet William Percy Prangnell(32) (33) was born on 4 Oct 1872. He died on 26 Oct 1874. 1 Parents: Douglas Prangnell and Martha Morey.


bullet Zoe Jane Prangnell(2) was born on 13 Jun 1973 in Birmingham. Parents: Dennis Roy update 23.07.01 Prangnell and Julie Marilyn Wadsworth.


bullet Fanny Poate PRANGNELL\ASLATT (d.s.p)(1) was born on 10 Apr 1864 in St James' Street, Winchester, Hampshire. She was christened on 10 Aug 1864 in St Thomas', Winchester, Hampshire. She was buried in 1952 in Old Section, Southampton, Hants. She died on 24 Apr 1952 in Southampton, Hampshire. 1864/04/10 Born Fanny Prangnell at St Jame's Street, Winchester, Hampshire 1864/08/10 Baptised Fanny Poat Prangnell at St Thomas Church, Winchester, but always known as Fanny Poat Aslatt 1871/04/02 Aged (6?) of ? - RG10/?? f.?? p.?? 1881/04/03
Scholar, aged 16 of 87 Marland Place, Southampton RG11/1213 f.10 p.13 1891/04/05 Aged (26?) of ? - RG12/?? f.?? p.?? 1905/??/?? Of 6 Cranbury Place, Southampton, Hampshire 1952/04/24 Of ?, Southampton Buried in the same plot as her father Parents: Henry Poat ASLATT and Fanny PRANGNELL.


bullet William Pragnell aka Will Prangwell(17) died in 1782 in St Helens, Isle of Wight. He was buried in 1782 in St Helens Parish, Isle of Wight.(389) He was born about 1782 in St Helens, Isle of Wight. He was baptised on 30 Jun 1782 in St Helens Parish, Isle of Wight.(390) (391) Parents: Henry Pragnell and Mary Nicholas aka Mary Nickles.


bullet Henry Pragnall aka Pregnall(17) was born on 3 Dec 1809 in London, England. He was baptised on 31 Dec 1809 in St. Mary-the-Virgin, Rotherhithe Parish, London.(392) He died on 3 Jul 1902 in Charleston, South Carolina, USA. (393) He was buried after 3 Jul 1902 in Magnolia Cemetery, Charleston, S.C.. Parents: Henry Nicholson Pragnell and Eleanor Bratt.

He was married to Sarah Barton in 1831 in Charleston, S.C..(42)

He was married to Eleanor Jane Stewart on 27 Dec 1843 in Charleston, South Carolina, USA.


bullet Frances Pringnill(17) was born on 14 Jan 1808. She was baptised on 15 May 1808 in Newport, Carisbrooke Parish, Isle of Wight. (394) Parents: Matthew Prangnell and Mary Sibbick.


bullet Jack Rawlins(9) (8) was born on 1 Apr 1999 in Southampton. Parents: Phil Rawlins and Claire Louise Webb.


bullet Phil Rawlins(9) (8)

He was married to Claire Louise Webb . Children were: Jack Rawlins.


bullet Margaret Glenys Rees(32) (33) was born on 18 Oct 1939. 1

She was married to Derek Alan Prangnell on 10 Aug 1961 in St Nicholas Ch Nuneaton. Children were: Helen Anna Prangnell, Alison Laura Prangnell.


bullet James RICHARDSON(11) was born on 8 Sep 1940.

He was married to Sandra Jane PRANGNELL on 7 Jan 1979 in South Perth Baptist.


bullet Caroline Righton(2) ADDR Coombe Bottom Farm, The Coombe Streatley, Reading Berks.(14) She PHONE Goring 2065.(14) Parents: Richard (Dick) Righton.

She was married to Edward Saunders.


bullet F Righton (14)(2)

He was married to Kate (Kathleen?) Elizabeth Marsh on 17 May 1899 in Box Church Wiltshire.(29) Children were: Richard (Dick) Righton.

He was married to Unknown. Children were: several children Righton.


bullet Jane E. R. Righton(2) ADDR The Dunbar, 33 Elm Grove, Bishops Stortford CM2 35JB.(14) She PHONE 01279 503410. Parents: Richard (Dick) Righton .


bullet Richard (Dick) Righton(14) (2) ADDR "Rustlings", 4 New Road, Twyford, Reading RG10 9PT. (14) He PHONE 01734 341612. (14) Parents: F Righton and Kate (Kathleen?) Elizabeth Marsh.

Children were: Jane E. R. Righton, Caroline Righton.


bulletseveral children Righton(2). Parents: F Righton and Unknown.


bulletJanet Riley(69).

She was married to Bruce Harris in 1973. Children were: Shane Harris, Jaquline Harris.


bullet Victor Rimbault(4) (5)

He was married to Emma Victoria Prangnell in London.


bullet Illma ROBINS(11)



bulletGeorge Rogers(8).

He was married to Isabella Anne Prangnell on 23 Aug 1863 in Romsey, Hampshire. (395)


bullet Eileen Dorothy ROPER(6)

She was married to Kenneth John PRANGNELL on 7 Jan 1952. Children were: Christopher Nigel PRANGNELL, Jeremy Mark PRANGNELL.

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