Family Tree 4
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Family 4

Descendants of John Prangnell - 12 May 2002
1-John Prangnell
b: in Newport Ilse, of White
sp: Mary Jane Blake
        2-Douglas Prangnell
        sp: Martha Morey
        m: 27 Dec 1869 in Northwood Church Cowes Ilse of Wight
                3-Florence Prangnell
                b: 17 Oct 1870
                d: 6 Feb 1877
                3-William Percy Prangnell
                b: 4 Oct 1872
                d: 26 Oct 1874
                3-Arthur John Prangnell
                b: 22 Feb 1874
                d: 19th ?Oct 1948 in Harrogate
                sp: Kathleen May Benzie
                m: 31 Dec 1901 in Congregational Ch Newbury
                d: in St Leonards Essex
                        4-Philip Benzie Prangnell
                        b: 28 Dec 1902
                        d: 28 Apr 1984 in St Lawrence Ch Seal Chart Sevenoaks
                        sp: Dorothy Stephenson
                        b: 3 Dec 1904 in Hebburn T & W
                        m: 12 Jul 1930 in St Lawrence Ch Seal Chart Sevenoaks
                        d: 13 Aug 1994
                                5-Derek Alan Prangnell
                                b: 24 Apr 1931 in Kemsing Kent
                                sp: Margaret Glenys Rees
                                b: 18 Oct 1939
                                m: 10 Aug 1961 in St Nicholas Ch Nuneaton
                                        6-Helen Anna Prangnell
                                        b: 18 Nov 1964
                                        6-Alison Laura Prangnell
                                        b: 30 Dec 1971
                                5-Edward Arthur (Ted) Prangnell
                                b: 19 Aug 1934 in Kemsing Kent
                                sp: Rose Mechtild von Wagner
                                b: 23 Feb 1937
                                m: 26 Sep 1959 in St Mary's Ch Kemsing Kent
                                        6-Andrew Richard Prangnell
                                        b: 10 Mar 1962
                                        sp: Meta Bongers
                                        m: 10 Jun 1999 in Koln Gernany
                                                7-Paula Bongers
                                        6-Dr Philip Barrie Prangnell
                                        b: 6 Feb 1964
                                        6-Jennifer Wendy Prangnell
                                        b: 20 Sep 1972
                        4-Leslie Prangnell
                        b: 17 Jul 1905
                        d: ?? Mar 1966
                        sp: Winifred Mayle
                        m: ?? ?? 1923
                                5-Pamela Prangnell
                                5-Joan Prangnell
                                5-Geoffry Prangnell
                                5-Donald Prangnell
                3-Aurelia Ethel Prangnell
                b: 4 Feb 1876
                sp: John George Bainbridge
                m: 23 Apr 1902 in St. Mary's Ch Cowes Isle OW
                        4-Muriel Bainbridge
                        sp: Thomas Benzie
                        m: 26 Jul 1930
                3-Mabel Prangnell
                b: 29 Dec 1877 in of Gateshead
                sp: John Smith Kitching
                m: 12 Apr 1898
                        4-Douglas Prangnell
                        sp: Olive Widenson
                                5-Valerie Prangnell
                                5-Sandra Prangnell
                        4-Margery Dixon
                3-Douglas Harold Prangnell
                b: 4 Sep 1878
                sp: Clara Pluck
                m: 13 Nov 1909 in St Martin's Ch Hampstead
                        4-Renee Prangnell
                        sp: Gillbert Moore
                                5-Dawn Moore
                                sp: Karl Heinz Woldt
                                        6-Helen Woldt
                                        6-David Woldt
                                5-June Moore
                                sp: Graham Stewart
                        4-Dora Prangnell
                        4-Grace Aurelia Prangnell
                        b: 29 Apr 1913 in Abbotts Langley Herts England
                        d: 3 Feb 1994 in Yarmouth Maine USA
                        sp: Arthur Edward Maule
                        b: 15 Apr 1911 in Hendon Middlesex
                        m: 7 Jun 1947 in Watford Herts
                        d: 6 Sep 1977 in Hattisburg, Miss. USA
                                5-Robert Douglas Maule
                                b: 11 Jan 1948 in Watford Herts
                                d: 25 Jul 1984 in Kinston New Hampshire USA
                                sp: Elizabeth Singer
                                b: 11 Feb 1948 in Philadelphia PA USA
                                m: 29 Aug 1970 in Cohasset, Mass. USA
                                        6-Catherine Olivia Maule
                                        b: 11 Mar 1975 in Madison, Wis. USA
                                        sp: David James Graeme McKechnie
                                        m: 12 Oct 1997 in Swarthmore, Penn. USA
                                        6-Patia Maule
                                        b: 29 Aug 1981 in Exeter, New Hampshire
                3-Kathleen Prangnell
                b: 5 Nov 1880
                d: 24 Sep 1883 in Cowes Ilse of Wight
                3-Sidney Robert Prangnell
                b: 24 Sep 1882
                sp: Ella Waterman
                        4-Kenneth Prangnell
                        4-John Prangnell
                        d: in Durban SA
                        sp: Mary Unknown
                        d: in Durban SA
                                5-Kathleen Prangnell
                                b: 16 May 1970
                                5-Elizabeth Prangnell
                        4-Jean Prangnell
                3-Allan Prangnell
                b: 26 Jan 1884
                d: Jun 1978 in Miami Florida USA
                3-Stanley Donald Prangnell
                b: 9 Jul 1885
                d: ?? Jun 1966 in Cowes Ilse of Wight
                3-Dorothy Prangnell
                b: 26 Apr 1889 in Cowes Ilse of Wight
                d: 198 in Cowes Ilse of Wight
                sp: Henry Bannister
                d: in Cowes Ilse of Wight
                        4-Lewis Donald Bannister
                        b: 16 Aug 1919
                        sp: Peggy French
                        b: 16 Aug 1924
                        m: 16 Apr 1946 in Cowes Ilse of Wight
                                5-Judith Bannister
                                b: 16 Aug 1949
                                sp: David Fish
                                m: 3 Aug 1968
                                        6-Alistair Mark Fish
                                        b: 19 Jul 1981
                                        6-Sarah Jane Fish
                                5-Margaret Bannister
                                b: 28 Jun 1960
                                sp: Martin Ross
                                m: 28 Aug 1977 in St ? Ch Eltham
                                        6-Helen Jane Ross
                                        b: 2 Aug 1979
                                        6-Goergina Mary Ross
                                        b: 2 Jul 1981
        2-Sidney Prangnell
        sp: Margaret Slyfield
                3-Charles Robert Prangnell
                sp: s Flora Phelp
                3-Cecil John Prangnell
                d: in ?Winchester
                sp: Beatrice Unknown
                        4-Maurice Prangnell

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