Family Tree 8
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Family 8

Descendants of Thomas PRANGNELL - 12 May 2002
        2-Alice PRANGNELL
        b: abt 1678 in Chilbolton, Hampshire
        sp: John WILLIS
        m: 25 Jan 1699 in St Mary's, Chilbolton, Hampshire
                3-Jane WILLIS (d.y.)
                3-Alice WILLIS
                3-Mary WILLIS
                sp: James PERRY
                m: 21 Oct 1736 in St Mary's, Chilbolton, Hampshire
        2-Thomas PRANGNELL
        b: abt 1680 in Chilbolton, Hampshire
        sp: Mary
                3-Elizabeth PRANGNELL (d.y.)
                3-Stephen PRANGNELL
                d: 15 Oct 1783 in St Mary's, Chilbolton, Hampshire
                sp: Catherine VINSON
                m: 1 Oct 1737 in Houghton, Hampshire
                        4-Stephen PRANGNELL
                        b: 18 Aug 1738 in St Mary's, Chilbolton, Hampshire
                        sp: Mary BAKER
                        m: 2 Jul 1765 in St Mary's, Chilbolton, Hampshire
                                5-Betty PRANGNELL (d.y.)
                                5-Mary PRANGNELL (d.s.p)
                                5-Martha PRANGNELL (d.s.p)
                                5-Elizabeth PRANGNELL
                                5-Anne PRANGNELL
                                5-Stephen PRANGNELL
                                5-Jane PRANGNELL
                                5-Kitty PRANGNELL (d.y.)
                        sp: Mary CARTER
                        b: abt 1768
                        m: 14 Jan 1784 in St Mary's, Chilbolton, Hampshire
                                5-William PRANGNELL (d.s.p)
                                5-Robert PRANGNELL
                                5-James PRANGNELL (d.y.)
                        4-Martha PRANGNELL
                        4-Thomas PRANGNELL
                        4-John PRANGNELL (d.y.)
                        4-Mary PRANGNELL
                        sp: John COLE
                        m: 23 Dec 1769 in by licence, Chilbolton, Hampshire
                        4-Peter PRANGNELL
                        sp: Ann SMITH
                        m: 20 Apr 1788 in St Mary's, Chilbolton, Hampshire
                                5-Thomas PRANGNELL (d.y.)
                                5-Sarah PRANGNELL
                                b: 6 Jun 1778 in St Mary's, Chilbolton, Hampshire
                                        6-George PRANGNELL
                                        sp: Lydia VINCENT
                                        b: abt 1812
                                        m: 26 Jan 1832 in St Mary's, Chilbolton, Hampshire
                                                7-Martha PRANGNELL
                                                sp: Richard HIGGINS
                                                m: 10 May 1856 in St Mary's, Chilbolton, Hampshire
                                                7-Lydia PRANGNELL
                                                sp: Charles HIGGINS
                                                m: 7 Jun 1862 in St Mary's, Chilbolton, Hampshire
                                                7-George PRANGNELL
                                        6-Catherine PRANGNELL
                                        sp: Stephen BULPIT
                                        m: 12 Dec 1835 in St Mary's, Chilbolton, Hampshire
                                                7-John BULPIT
                                5-Elizabeth PRANGNELL
                                5-Peter PRANGNELL (d.s.p)
                                5-Mary PRANGNELL
                                5-Mary PRANGNELL (d.s.p)
                                sp: Richard SPRING
                                b: abt 1787
                                m: 23 Nov 1833 in St Mary's, Chilbolton, Hampshire
                                5-Thomas PRANGNELL
                                sp: Ann MIST
                                m: 19 May 1827 in St Mary the Less, Chilbolton, Hampshire
                                        6-Elizabeth PRANGNEL
                                        b: 20 Mar 1827 in Chilbolton, Hampshire
                                        6-Hannah PRANGNELL
                                        6-Fanny PRANGNELL
                                        d: 4 Mar 1895 in Southampton, Southampton, Hampshire
                                        sp: Henry Poat Aslatt
                                        b: bef 9 Jul 1828 in Southampton, Hampshire
                                        d: 29 Jan 1905 in 6 Cranbury Place, Southampton, Hampshire
                                                7-Fanny Poate PRANGNELL\ASLATT (d.s.p)
                                                b: 10 Apr 1864 in St James' Street, Winchester, Hampshire
                                                d: 24 Apr 1952 in Southampton, Hampshire
                                                7-Hester Elizabeth ASLATT
                                                b: 20 Dec 1867 in All Saints, Southampton, Hampshire
                                                sp: W. J. PHILIPS
                                                m: aft 3 Apr 1881
                                                        8-Helen PHILIPS (d.s.p)
                                                        b: 1894
                                                        d: 9 Feb 1924 in Southampton, Hampshire
                                                7-Harry William ASLATT
                                                b: 8 Feb 1869 in Marland Place, Southampton, Hampshire
                                                d: 26 Mar 1939 in Borough Hospital, Southampton, Hants
                                                sp: Ellen Maria HILLS
                                                b: 21 Jan 1866 in Zion Place, Mitcham, Surrey
                                                m: 22 Apr 1891 in Christchurch, Bournemouth, Hampshire
                                                d: 24 Apr 1940 in Fareham, Hampshire
                                                        8-Lilian Amy Poate ASLATT
                                                        b: 23 Jan 1892 in 10 Manchester St, Southampton, Hants
                                                        d: 1 Jan 1965 in Southbourne, Bournemouth
                                                        sp: Percival Lionel ELLIOT
                                                        b: 13 Oct 1888 in Portsmouth
                                                        m: 14 Aug 1912 in Register Office, South Stoneham, Hants
                                                        d: 29 Jan 1961 in Holborn, London
                                                                9-Percival Lionel Aslatt ELIOT
                                                                b: 5 Jan 1914 in Clarence Road, East Cowes, Isle of Wight
                                                                d: 4 Oct 1984
                                                                sp: Jean CAVEN
                                                                b: 1 Oct 1922 in Scotland
                                                                m: in Scotland
                                                                d: Dec 1986
                                                                        10-Lionel ELIOT
                                                                        b: 12 Jul 1943 in Carlisle, Carlisle, Cumberland
                                                                        sp: Kathleen SMITH
                                                                        m: 10 Oct 1964
                                                                                11-Janet ELIOT
                                                                                b: Oct 1965 in Durham, County Durham
                                                                                sp: Darren A. HALL
                                                                                m: 6 Sep 1986 in Wigan, Lancashire
                                                                                        12-Laura Jo HALL
                                                                                        b: Jul 1987 in Wigan, Lancashire
                                                                                        12-Samantha Jayne HALL
                                                                                        b: 21 Jul 1989 in Wigan, Lancashire
                                                                                11-Fiona Jane ELIOT
                                                                                b: Apr 1970 in South Shields, Northumberland
                                                                                sp: Ian HEATON
                                                                                11-Louisa Anne ELIOT
                                                                                b: Jul 1973 in Durham, County Durham
                                                                        10-Kenneth ELIOT
                                                                        b: 3 Jul 1944 in Carlisle, Carlisle, Cumberland
                                                                        sp: Judith A. STOBBS
                                                                        m: 1975
                                                                                11-Kathryn Elizabeth ELIOT
                                                                                b: 5 Nov 1992
                                                                        10-Keith ELIOT
                                                                        b: 6 Mar 1946 in Carlisle, Carlisle, Cumberland
                                                                        sp: Valerie
                                                                                11-Gavin ELIOT
                                                                                b: 1975
                                                                        sp: Diane
                                                                        m: 1990
                                                                        10-Olwyn ELIOT
                                                                        b: 15 Jun 1949 in Carlisle, Carlisle, Cumberland
                                                                        sp: Said ALI
                                                                                11-Joanne ELIOT
                                                                                11-Nicola ELIOT
                                                                                11-John Paul ELIOT
                                                                        sp: Michael
                                                                        m: 1987
                                                                        10-Pamela M. ELIOT
                                                                        b: 8 Nov 1950 in Carlisle, Carlisle, Cumberland
                                                                        sp: Thomas STAINES
                                                                                11-Paul STAINES
                                                                                11-Anthony STAINES
                                                                        sp: William ARTHUR
                                                                        m: 1987
                                                                        10-Nigel ELIOT
                                                                        b: 17 Jun 1958 in Carlisle, Carlisle, Cumberland
                                                                        sp: Gwen
                                                                                11-Carrie ELIOT
                                                                        sp: Dawn
                                                                        m: 1992
                                                                        10-Giles Augustine ELIOT
                                                                        b: 27 Jul 1960 in Carlisle, Carlisle, Cumberland
                                                                        sp: Lesley
                                                                        10-Neil James ELIOT
                                                                        b: 19 Sep 1964 in South Shields, South Shields, County Durham
                                                                        sp: Tracey DICKINSON
                                                                        m: Apr 1988
                                                                                11-Paul ELIOT
                                                                                b: 1987
                                                                                11-Joanne Jane \ ELIOT
                                                                                b: Jan 1989
                                                                                11-Carl ELIOT
                                                                                b: 199
                                                                sp: Ellen Rose JAMES
                                                                b: 1904
                                                                m: 30 Mar 1935 in Parish Church, North Tidworth, Wiltshire
                                                                d: aft 20 Aug 1935
                                                                        10-Patricia Anne ELIOT
                                                                        b: 20 Aug 1935 in Upper Chute, Wiltshire
                                                                        d: SEENOTES
                                                                        sp: Vasco GUIDOTTI
                                                                                11-James Vasco GUIDOTTI
                                                                                b: 1970 in Australia
                                                                9-Marjorie Lilian (Peggy) ELIOT
                                                                b: 1 Jan 1918 in Rose Cottage, 42 Osbourne Road, East Cowes, Isle of Wight
                                                                d: 10 Sep 1958 in Romford, Essex
                                                                        10-Robert John COLLINS
                                                                        b: 2 Dec 1942 in Middlesex
                                                                        sp: Margaret Ann WEIGHELL
                                                                        b: 24 Jun 1942 in Surrey
                                                                        m: 14 Mar 1964 in Leatherhead, Surrey
                                                                                11-Richard Nicholas COLLINS
                                                                                b: 22 Aug 1964 in Surrey
                                                                                sp: Diane Ruth MILLER
                                                                                b: SEENOTES
                                                                                m: 10 Sep 1994 in Methodist Church, Surrey
                                                                                        12-Thomas Douglas COLLINS
                                                                                        b: 13 Oct 1995 in Surrey
                                                                                11-GREGORY Michael COLLINS
                                                                                b: 22 Dec 1971 in Surrey
                                                                                sp: Paula STEVENS
                                                                                b: SEENOTES
                                                                                        12-Victoria STEVENS
                                                                                        b: 1 May 1993
                                                                                11-Philip Anthony COLLINS
                                                                                b: 13 Dec 1974 in Surrey
                                                                        10-Michael George COLLINS
                                                                        b: 30 Mar 1946
                                                                        sp: Marilyn CAMPBELL
                                                                        b: May 1951
                                                                        m: May 1969 in Poole, Dorset
                                                                                11-Emma Jane COLLINS
                                                                                b: 25 Oct 1970 in Yorkshire
                                                                                sp: John
                                                                                        12-Jacob Matthew COLLINS
                                                                                        b: 27 Mar 1997
                                                                                11-Matthew James COLLINS
                                                                                b: 26 May 1972 in Germany
                                                                        sp: Bertha Olive GRIEVE
                                                                        b: 27 Dec 1934 in Liverpool, Lancashire
                                                                        m: 23 Feb 1974 in Register Office, Poole, Dorset
                                                                        d: 25 Aug 1995 in Dorset
                                                        8-Arthur ASLATT
                                                        b: 8 Feb 1893 in Southampton, Hants
                                                        d: Jun 1896 in Southampton, Hampshire
                                                        8-Elsie Maud ASLATT
                                                        b: 9 Mar 1894 in South Stoneham, Southampton, Hampshire
                                                        d: 1974 in Southampton, Hampshire
                                                        sp: William  S. PARKER
                                                        m: bef 26 Mar 1939
                                                        d: aft 26 Mar 1939
                                                        8-Dorothy Evelyn ASLATT (d.y.)
                                                        b: 4 Feb 1896 in Millbrook, Southampton, Hampshire
                                                        d: Dec 1897 in Southampton, Hampshire
                                                        8-John Henry ASLATT (d.y.)
                                                        b: Jan 1900 in Millbrook, Southampton, Hampshire
                                                        d: Mar 1900
                                                        8-Fanny Isobel Poate ASLATT
                                                        b: 20 Sep 1901 in Sholing Lane, South Stoneham, Hampshire
                                                        d: 31 Mar 1993
                                                        sp: Donald LAWSON CAMERON JOHNSON
                                                                9-Colin JOHNSON
                                                                b: 15 Mar 1936 in Southampton, Hampshire
                                                                sp: Sarah Janice WEBB
                                                                b: 12 Jan 1933 in Kingston, Surrey
                                                                        b: 27 Oct 1963 in London
                                                                        sp: Mark
                                                                        b: 3 Mar 1960 in Wandsworth, London
                                                                        m: 8 Sep 1989 in Register Office, Horsham, Sussex
                                                                        10-Victoria JOHNSON
                                                                        b: 10 Mar 1969
                                        6-Charity PRANGNEL (d.y.)
                                        6-Robert PRANGNEL (d.y.)
                3-Martha PRANGNELL
                sp: Thomas MATON
                m: 3 Jun 1745 in St Mary's, Chilbolton, Hampshire
                3-Jane PRANGNELL
                sp: John CARY
                m: 29 Sep 1743 in St Mary's, Chilbolton, Hampshire
                        4-Jane CARY
                        4-Mary CARY
                        4-John CARY
                        4-William CARY
        2-Stephen PRANGNELL
                3-Jane PRANGNELL (d.y.)
                3-Thomas PRANGNELL

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